01 July, 2010

2008 Patternbooks 2 & 4 - $44

Books 2,4

18 mini lichterbogens:
2 Nativities
Village Church
Boy pulling sled
Deer and manger
Miner pushing cart
Men sitting by campfire
Miner pushing wheelbarrow
Hog and hedgehog with tree
Skier holding skis coming home
Church with boy and girl on sides
Woman knitting by Christmas tree
Boy & girl playing with train & doll

6 Christmas Tree Shaped Ornaments:
Comet with girl worshipping
Lady at the spinning wheel
3 different churches
Boy with a pyramid

Winter forest scene with nativity

Seiffner Church in the forest

A Star is Born - Sun, moon, stars

Schwarzenberger Traditional - Soldiers, Woodcarver, Lace maker with stand

Santa's Horse-drawn sleigh insert in forest

*Frauen Church Dresden

Mountain Home-Scrollsawyer, Boy playing with pyramid, lacemaker, woman knitting, man decorating tree, children playing with toys

*Capricorn and Chamois

*Feast - Serving miners dinner

*Bakery Scene with oven

*Orchestra of Angels

*Sledding Down the Tree - Skiers, Santa's sleigh, Horse drawn sleigh, sledders. Snowman/house insert.

Lighted Christmas Tree with decorations - squirrel/birds

Wax Candle pattern

*Winter travelers
*Train, Deer, Children
Deer in the Forest
*Entrance of a Prince - knights/horses
Wildlife Candle Box 4 different scenes moose/deer/manger/winter house

*Projects Pictured Here

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