01 July, 2010

2009 - Book 3 - $20

Volker - Book 3

*Angel Candle Holder

3D Christmas Tree Shaped Ornaments with 5 optional inserts (*Nativity, Church, Hunter, Snowman, Mary)

*3D Cradle in the Forest

*Lantern with Children - Springtime

*Lichterbogen with Deer, Moose, Cradle, Forest Animals

*Lichterbogen Train on Bridge

*Lichterbogen Winter Home In Tree Shaped Arch

*Lighted Bell with Frauen Church and Children

*Lighted Christmas Tree Decorated

*Lighted Moon with Teddy Bear and Doll

Mini Hanging Tree Pyramid with Skier, Hockey player, and Pulling a Sled optional inserts

*Pictured Here


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