01 July, 2010

2010 Books 13 & 14 - $49

Volker 2010 - Books 13,14

Book 13:
*3D Angel Riding a Comet Ornament
3D Carolers - Variation on a lichterbogen
*Church and Village - Variation on a Lichterbogen
3D Compound Bell Ornament
Deer and Girl Pyramid

Dresden Germany Landscape Base
Dresden Monument Lichterbogen with lanterns
Dresden Mine with Interior Motifs
Moon Ornament Light Boxes
Miners at Campfire - Variation on lichterbogen
Large 3D Nativity in Christmas Tree Frame

3D Tabletop Nativity
*Rocking Horse Ornaments
Skiing Santa Corner Shelf
A Star is Born mini Pyramid ornament
4 3D Stained Glass/Arch Ornaments with Santa/Church/Angel with Lantern/Boy with Candle

Book 14:
*Big Game Hunt Lichterbogen
The Hunt Lichterbogen
*High Hunt
*Low Hunt
*Lighted Star Wall Hanging

4 Mini Lichterbogens (Church, Village, Rocking horses, Bringing Home the Christmas Tree on sleigh)

*3D Ornaments with Pine Branch Frames - 6 optional inserts (tree, angel, Santa, Skiing Angel, Boy with Candle, Snowman)

4 Pinecone Ornaments with Wildlife (hog, turkey, owls, fox)
House with Smoking Chimney
Winter Pedestal/Base for Lichterbogen

*Pictured Here on this Post

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