03 January, 2015

NEW WEBSITE - update your bookmarks.

We have entirely reorganized our website. Please check out the new site at www.woodyoubelieveshop.com. Collections are listed at a lower price on the newer site as well! We will now begin offering the purchase of individual patterns in addition to the collections. Check out the new site and as always we welcome your feedback! Thanks, Wood You Believe What I Saw?

13 September, 2014

Book 22 - Now Available for $24

Volker has released Book 22 with some great new designs just in time for Christmas!

This collection of patterns has a variety of simple ornaments that you can cut out in minutes to large lichterbogens that will take you a few hours.  This collection is a must if you like Nativities or are looking for unique German ornaments for your family or friends.

This collection comes with the following patterns:
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A Christmas "Nativi-Tree" (top left on cover)
  -see larger picture below for more detail.

Cottage scene with 2 optional inserts both pictured here

Winter Sledding with home in Comet wall hanging
  -pictured below

6 Arch ornaments similar to current free patterns offered by Volker - also seen along the right border of the cover here.

Wildlife Nativity Lichterbogen (lighted arch)

2 Mini Lichterbogens
- Mary's Journey to Jerusalem
- Christmas Village

Pyramid featuring woodworkers (miniature version shown here, but full pattern in collection)

A Small base featuring a church and a small cabin

3 Slotted 3D Star Ornaments


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24 June, 2014

Test Drive

In an effort to better show you what you'll be getting prior to making a purchase of Volker's patterns, I have decided to grant access to a few of the free patterns that Volker has offered in the past. This way you will get a feel for what is available to you and how DropBox works.

There are currently 4 patterns that Volker has provided FREE of charge to allow you to learn the Dropbox system and see how easy and fun it is to use.

Just click this link right here and get your free patterns and then check out some of the great collections here.

 As always, please feel free to call or email with any questions you have and I'll get back to you quickly!


 Happy Scrolling!

28 April, 2014

Book 21 - Pyramids!

Book 21

- 4 mini pyramids
- A fantastic looking midsize pyramid powered by tea lights
- A multilevel pyramid

These projects will be cherished for years to come.
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2014 - Books 19 and 20 now available!

Volker released new books! Books 19 and 20*

This collection has a Jerusalem Nativity that will be the highlight of your Christmas decor.

Also included are some fun, simple musical instrument ornaments, Christmas cottages and lots of fun star projects.

This is a collection you will not want to miss.

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