23 October, 2010

Christmas is just around the corner!

I LOVE this time of year! Lately I have found myself humming Christmas songs and anxiously anticipating our first snow. I know, call me weird. Today we went on a drive up the canyon - it was incredible to see the leaves changing still with snow on the ground! I thought in that moment, "I've got to get started on making some awesome Volker Christmas ornaments!"

Here is my ALL TIME favorite Volker ornament

Book 3 on CD-Rom

Why do I like this one so much? Have you ever seen a 3D ornament that fits together (snowflakes, bells) and then you hang it up on the tree and the bottom of the ornament starts slipping off. Only then do you realize that you shouldn't have sanded so much or you should have cut that groove a little tighter?

Obviously I have had a few of these issues, so you can imagine my EXCITEMENT when I came across this new idea that Volker had of a 3D slotted ornament that won't fall apart! I was praising his genius for months. I can make these ornaments fairly quickly and turn around and sell them for quite a profit. This pattern is found in Book 3 for $20 + S&H.

Order today so you can get started before you are wondering where the Holiday season went!
Happy Scrolling!

28 August, 2010

So You Want to Build a Pyramid...

Tom Sevy built this German Pyramid and shared with me some very useful tips to help YOU build a successful Pyramid.

You'll want to use a strong light-weight wood (1/8" Baltic Birch plywood) to allow the pyramid to turn freely. Tom used a smooth small glass bowl at the bottom of the pyramid to reduce friction and to keep the support rod centered. He sharpened one end of threaded brass rod to a point to minimize the friction at the base where the support rod meets the base. This was then connected to the threaded support rod as seen below.

When designing the topper for the pyramid, Tom drilled 10 holes in a round block of wood (Tinker Toy Style) and inserted the blades into the drill holes. The dowels were sanded down to form a semi-circle, to which the blades were glued to the flat part of the dowel. Tom used a plastic washer where the support rod exits the top of the project to also reduce friction at the top to allow the pyramid to spin more freely.

Click on the videos below to see more of these details. I truly believe that seeing how this is made, makes it SO much easier to envision completing one! Hopefully this has inspired someone out there to get started on building a magnificent pyramid. Good luck!

05 July, 2010

Volker's Miniatures - You may need a magnifying glass!

Volker's projects don't lose much detail even if you have to squint to see the project. Don't throw out those itsy bitsy scraps...they could be worth something with a little work!
Check these out!

Crazy small!!

That about sums it up in a nutshell!

Incredible isn't it?

01 July, 2010

2010 Books 13 & 14 - $49

Volker 2010 - Books 13,14

Book 13:
*3D Angel Riding a Comet Ornament
3D Carolers - Variation on a lichterbogen
*Church and Village - Variation on a Lichterbogen
3D Compound Bell Ornament
Deer and Girl Pyramid

Dresden Germany Landscape Base
Dresden Monument Lichterbogen with lanterns
Dresden Mine with Interior Motifs
Moon Ornament Light Boxes
Miners at Campfire - Variation on lichterbogen
Large 3D Nativity in Christmas Tree Frame

3D Tabletop Nativity
*Rocking Horse Ornaments
Skiing Santa Corner Shelf
A Star is Born mini Pyramid ornament
4 3D Stained Glass/Arch Ornaments with Santa/Church/Angel with Lantern/Boy with Candle

Book 14:
*Big Game Hunt Lichterbogen
The Hunt Lichterbogen
*High Hunt
*Low Hunt
*Lighted Star Wall Hanging

4 Mini Lichterbogens (Church, Village, Rocking horses, Bringing Home the Christmas Tree on sleigh)

*3D Ornaments with Pine Branch Frames - 6 optional inserts (tree, angel, Santa, Skiing Angel, Boy with Candle, Snowman)

4 Pinecone Ornaments with Wildlife (hog, turkey, owls, fox)
House with Smoking Chimney
Winter Pedestal/Base for Lichterbogen

*Pictured Here on this Post

2009 - Book 3 - $20

Volker - Book 3

*Angel Candle Holder

3D Christmas Tree Shaped Ornaments with 5 optional inserts (*Nativity, Church, Hunter, Snowman, Mary)

*3D Cradle in the Forest

*Lantern with Children - Springtime

*Lichterbogen with Deer, Moose, Cradle, Forest Animals

*Lichterbogen Train on Bridge

*Lichterbogen Winter Home In Tree Shaped Arch

*Lighted Bell with Frauen Church and Children

*Lighted Christmas Tree Decorated

*Lighted Moon with Teddy Bear and Doll

Mini Hanging Tree Pyramid with Skier, Hockey player, and Pulling a Sled optional inserts

*Pictured Here


2008 Patternbooks 2 & 4 - $44

Books 2,4

18 mini lichterbogens:
2 Nativities
Village Church
Boy pulling sled
Deer and manger
Miner pushing cart
Men sitting by campfire
Miner pushing wheelbarrow
Hog and hedgehog with tree
Skier holding skis coming home
Church with boy and girl on sides
Woman knitting by Christmas tree
Boy & girl playing with train & doll

6 Christmas Tree Shaped Ornaments:
Comet with girl worshipping
Lady at the spinning wheel
3 different churches
Boy with a pyramid

Winter forest scene with nativity

Seiffner Church in the forest

A Star is Born - Sun, moon, stars

Schwarzenberger Traditional - Soldiers, Woodcarver, Lace maker with stand

Santa's Horse-drawn sleigh insert in forest

*Frauen Church Dresden

Mountain Home-Scrollsawyer, Boy playing with pyramid, lacemaker, woman knitting, man decorating tree, children playing with toys

*Capricorn and Chamois

*Feast - Serving miners dinner

*Bakery Scene with oven

*Orchestra of Angels

*Sledding Down the Tree - Skiers, Santa's sleigh, Horse drawn sleigh, sledders. Snowman/house insert.

Lighted Christmas Tree with decorations - squirrel/birds

Wax Candle pattern

*Winter travelers
*Train, Deer, Children
Deer in the Forest
*Entrance of a Prince - knights/horses
Wildlife Candle Box 4 different scenes moose/deer/manger/winter house

*Projects Pictured Here

2008 Patternbooks 6, 7, & 8 - $49

Books 6,7,8

BOOK 7: Stands and Pedestals

*3-layered wildlife pedestal (My favorite!)Church Village Miners
3 Tiered Display for miniatures Star Candle Holder Jerusalem
Hedgehog / WildHog Candle Holder Forest Church Candle Holder Deer and Train
Man by fire and Forest Home Candle Holder Wildlife Box - moose, deer, snow
Furstenzug Dresden (Medieval Design of horses and knights-Dresden monument)
Lacemaker, children playing, girl with doll, scrollsawyer, man smoking pipe

BOOK 8: Pyramids

*4 Tier HUGE Pyramid!!!

Sun, Moon, Stars

Children Decorating Tree

*Angels/Boy with Bird/Girl with Candle/Santa


Hunter with rabbits and deer

*Musical Angels

*Orchestra of Angels
MOON: Angel/Telescope
MOON: Angel/Birds
MOON: Angel feeding Birds
BELL: Seiffener Church
Santa Leading Horse-drawn sleigh
Candles in Wreath
*BELL: Deer

6 Star Spinners (*angels/church/nativity)

4 MOON ornaments:
(Girl/Candle, Boy/lantern, Angel/horn, Girl/Doll by Tree)
Neuschwanstein Castle (aka Disney Castle)
Santa Visiting House Decorating Tree
Large Round Miners Plaque with lanterns on bridge
Church in Comet
Nativity in Comet
Large Star with Angels Decorating the Tree
*STAR with girl worshipping shrine of Mary
Candle Box with 4 inserts (man smoking pipe, Girl pushing baby carriage, Children playing, Woman in rocking chair)

2008 Patternbooks 9 & 10 - $44

Books 9,10

Book 9
Wildlife hanging pyramid: deer, rabbit, hog
Innovative 3D Star of David that fits together with deer and girl looking at star inserts.
3D hanging pyramid with deer and nativity inserts
3D Angel OR Miner insert holding candles in Stained Glass Style Frame
3D Nativity inserts with a Christmas Tree Frame
3D Angel and Boy both with lanterns in Bell Frame
3D Angels in Glass Ball Ornament Frame
3D Miner inserts
3D Man by fire and hog inserts in Pinecone frame
3D Farmer and his wife with a pig, lamb, goose insert in a mushroom shaped frame
3D pinecone and heart fretwork ornaments
Angels (8 patterns: flying with heart, lantern, candle, horn; standing with heart, star, bird, and candles
8 MOON Ornaments: Angel skiing, ringing a bell, with bird in tree, with lantern; Boy lighting the tree, Girl looking at stars, Boy pulling sleigh, Nativity.
4 BELL Ornaments with 4 different churches
6 STAR Ornaments with lacemaker, boy on stick horse, man carving an angel, Angel feeding birds, Girl on rocking horse.

6 Mini Lichterbogens: Church, German City, Girl with Deer, Santa and elves, Elves riding a train, Woman making Pottery

Boy on Stick Horse and Girl on Rocking Horse with Christmas Tree
Elves Workshop (scrollsawing, carving angels)
Lumberjack with Horse and Sleigh
Church with Carolers with Christmas Tree Frame
Doll House Display Shelf/Lichterbogen for displaying miniatures
House scene of woman making pottery
Elegant Nativity Scene complete with manger, wisemen, camel, Joseph, Mary, Jesus; Older Joseph, Mary and Jesus holding olive branch; Sheep; Mary riding Donkey
Winter Scene with Deer, Snowman, Church, Boy pulling girl on sleigh, Skiier holding skis, Ski jumper. Frame is Evergreen with many candles grouped together.
Combination Christmas tree Lichterbogen and Pyramid: hunter, deer, hog, country home, nativity, rabbit, snowman, boy, girl as possible inserts.
Combined Angelic Orchestra Lichterbogen with Pyramid
Angels Lighting the Christmas Tree

Pedestals/Bases for Lichterbogens:
Hog in moonlit forest Corner Stand
Angel and Miner Corner Stand
Simplified Angel and Miner Stand

Volker's Easter CD - $13

Volker - Book 12

3D Bunnies in Strawberry Frame Pyramid Ornament
5 3D Ornaments with optional inserts: Bunny and Chick in Egg, Boy Running, Boy Relaxing, etc
Beetles with Mushroom House with Bell Frame
Bunnies in Love
Bunny Buggy in Egg Frame
Bunny Driving Car in Egg Frame
Bunny on Motorcycle - Egg Frame
Bunny Pulling Chick in Wagon - Bell
Chicken and Rooster in Bell
Easter Bunnies and Chicks in Bells
2 Spring and Easter Picture Frames

Volker's 100+ CD - $70 (MOST POPULAR)

Volker 100+

This CD is the most popular of Volker's products to date. This contains over 100 patterns with a full range of projects.

50 small moon/star/miscellaneous ornaments
6 Pinecone angel ornaments & rocking horse ornament
Moon: Angel with candle
Moon: Angel with lantern
Moon: Boy with candle under tree
Moon: Angel with bell & clouds
Moon: Nativity
Moon: Boy with lantern
Moon: Angel with horn
Moon: Angel with bird & bell
Moon: Angel on skis
Moon: Kneeling girl with stars
Moon: Angel with birds
Flying Angel with candle
Star: Pilgrim with star & pilgrim with hymn book
Star: Woman making lace & man carving angel
Star: Angel feeding bird & angel with candle and bird
Star: Boy on stick horse & girl on rocking horse
Girl with doll & girl with candle
Boy with candle & snowman
Shooting star with church
Boy on sleigh with present
Ramsau Church
Angels decorating tree

8 Church bells (2 sizes)
6 Mini Lichterbogens (Decorating tree; church scene; train under tree; girl & lantern; horse & sleigh; woodwork shop)
7 Spring Ornaments
8 Easter egg ornaments
10 Butterflies
Church Bell - Seiffen Church (cone shape steeple)
Church Bell – Fraun Church in Dresden
Church Bell – Weinberg Church in Dresden (star)
Church in arch with clouds
Barensteiner church within pointed arch frame
Church bell – Leubnitzer Church, Dresden
Plaque: House scene, children decorate Xmas tree, Santa at door
Basket with standing birds
Mother bird feeding babies
Birds sitting in nest
Egg – boy & girl bunnies
Girl in swing
Egg – bunny ringing bell
Shepherd playing flute
Basket of flowers
Duck Family
Girl swinging with bird
Heart, girl with toes in pond & fish
Owls in tree
Frame with mother bird feeding babies
Boy by well with birds
Boy & girl sailing toy boat
Plaque: Little Red Riding Hood with basket & wolf
Plaque: Seven Swabians Grimm Fairy tale (forest scene with 7 people holding a spear at a hare)
Plaque: Two playful horses.
Schloss Neuschwanstein Church (framed in circle)
German castle in round frame with clouds
Statue of man on horse in frame
German church in arch
Lighted ornament – moon, angel with candle & bird
Lighted ornament – moon, angel with langern
Lighted ornament – moon, boy with lantern
Lighted ornament – moon, angel with horn
Lighted ornament – moon, girl with baby under tree
Christmas Tree in crescent, 5 optional inserts
Night Light – Angels
Lighted ornament – miner pushing ore car
Lighted ornament – church scene
Bell with church insert lighted decoration

Winter house with 3 interiors: making a pyramid, ready for bed, Xmas dinner
House scene, children decorate Xmas tree, Santa at door
Shooting star, church & country village
Nativity with palm trees
Horse & sleigh, etc.
Girl with lantern
3-D Scene – Decorating Xmas Tree
3-D Scene – Stable
2 moon patterns/stands: girl & nativity
2 moon patterns/stands: angel with horn & girl with stars
Boy & girl marching with lantern & horn
Father Christmas with horse, sleigh & children
Church and village
Barensteiner church, shooting star in arch
A Star Is Born
Kiehad Church
Berg Church
Xmas tree and gifts
Santa, decorating tree
Packing Santa’s bag
Workshop with scroll saw & wood carvers.
Horse drawn sleigh
Large Vertical Lichterbogen with antelope

2 Pyramids: Sun, moon & stars, Decorating Xmas tree

3 Pedestals/Bases: Village church + house with smoke from chimney / Miners working / Village church

Volker's 2007 Patterns - $39

Volker 2007 Collection

*Hanging Pyramid
3 and 4 level pyramids
Stern Candle holder
3 Pedestals/Bases for Lichterbogens

Deer with antlers next to manger Lichterbogen
Several Lichterbogens (skiers, candles, *ski jumping, pyramid, lace maker, carver, with candles)
Small lichterbogen: pyramid, lace making, carver, candles
*Lichterbogen, 2 mountain goats, candles
*Small Nativity Pyramid

Angel ornaments: harp, triangle, whistle & praying
Small pyramid ornament – 4 sides with 6 different scenes
Church Bell Tharandt Church
Farm house with figures
3D Nativity and stable
Lighted Christmas tree with caroler, four branches