Scroller's Gallery

When you finish creating one of Volker's projects send me a picture and I'll try to include it here so others can see how talented you are!

Feel free to submit useful tips that you think would help others.

Please submit your photos via Email along with the title and the CD/source of the project.

Joe with JT Scrollworks cut out this "church bell" from the 2005 Collection and has attracted quite an interest in Volker's unique patterns. Thanks Joe!

John sent these great projects in that he completed from the 100+ CD:

These last 3 photos were select Volker projects from his publications in Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts Magazine. Thanks for sharing John!

Allen has purchased a several of Volker's patterns over the years and has sent me a few of his completed projects. Thanks for sharing! Your Lichterbogens are very well done.