01 July, 2010

Volker's 100+ CD - $70 (MOST POPULAR)

Volker 100+

This CD is the most popular of Volker's products to date. This contains over 100 patterns with a full range of projects.

50 small moon/star/miscellaneous ornaments
6 Pinecone angel ornaments & rocking horse ornament
Moon: Angel with candle
Moon: Angel with lantern
Moon: Boy with candle under tree
Moon: Angel with bell & clouds
Moon: Nativity
Moon: Boy with lantern
Moon: Angel with horn
Moon: Angel with bird & bell
Moon: Angel on skis
Moon: Kneeling girl with stars
Moon: Angel with birds
Flying Angel with candle
Star: Pilgrim with star & pilgrim with hymn book
Star: Woman making lace & man carving angel
Star: Angel feeding bird & angel with candle and bird
Star: Boy on stick horse & girl on rocking horse
Girl with doll & girl with candle
Boy with candle & snowman
Shooting star with church
Boy on sleigh with present
Ramsau Church
Angels decorating tree

8 Church bells (2 sizes)
6 Mini Lichterbogens (Decorating tree; church scene; train under tree; girl & lantern; horse & sleigh; woodwork shop)
7 Spring Ornaments
8 Easter egg ornaments
10 Butterflies
Church Bell - Seiffen Church (cone shape steeple)
Church Bell – Fraun Church in Dresden
Church Bell – Weinberg Church in Dresden (star)
Church in arch with clouds
Barensteiner church within pointed arch frame
Church bell – Leubnitzer Church, Dresden
Plaque: House scene, children decorate Xmas tree, Santa at door
Basket with standing birds
Mother bird feeding babies
Birds sitting in nest
Egg – boy & girl bunnies
Girl in swing
Egg – bunny ringing bell
Shepherd playing flute
Basket of flowers
Duck Family
Girl swinging with bird
Heart, girl with toes in pond & fish
Owls in tree
Frame with mother bird feeding babies
Boy by well with birds
Boy & girl sailing toy boat
Plaque: Little Red Riding Hood with basket & wolf
Plaque: Seven Swabians Grimm Fairy tale (forest scene with 7 people holding a spear at a hare)
Plaque: Two playful horses.
Schloss Neuschwanstein Church (framed in circle)
German castle in round frame with clouds
Statue of man on horse in frame
German church in arch
Lighted ornament – moon, angel with candle & bird
Lighted ornament – moon, angel with langern
Lighted ornament – moon, boy with lantern
Lighted ornament – moon, angel with horn
Lighted ornament – moon, girl with baby under tree
Christmas Tree in crescent, 5 optional inserts
Night Light – Angels
Lighted ornament – miner pushing ore car
Lighted ornament – church scene
Bell with church insert lighted decoration

Winter house with 3 interiors: making a pyramid, ready for bed, Xmas dinner
House scene, children decorate Xmas tree, Santa at door
Shooting star, church & country village
Nativity with palm trees
Horse & sleigh, etc.
Girl with lantern
3-D Scene – Decorating Xmas Tree
3-D Scene – Stable
2 moon patterns/stands: girl & nativity
2 moon patterns/stands: angel with horn & girl with stars
Boy & girl marching with lantern & horn
Father Christmas with horse, sleigh & children
Church and village
Barensteiner church, shooting star in arch
A Star Is Born
Kiehad Church
Berg Church
Xmas tree and gifts
Santa, decorating tree
Packing Santa’s bag
Workshop with scroll saw & wood carvers.
Horse drawn sleigh
Large Vertical Lichterbogen with antelope

2 Pyramids: Sun, moon & stars, Decorating Xmas tree

3 Pedestals/Bases: Village church + house with smoke from chimney / Miners working / Village church

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  1. I am looking for a patter, German, that has a boy carrying a teddy bear with a start above his head. Very intricate.