01 July, 2010

2008 Patternbooks 6, 7, & 8 - $49

Books 6,7,8

BOOK 7: Stands and Pedestals

*3-layered wildlife pedestal (My favorite!)Church Village Miners
3 Tiered Display for miniatures Star Candle Holder Jerusalem
Hedgehog / WildHog Candle Holder Forest Church Candle Holder Deer and Train
Man by fire and Forest Home Candle Holder Wildlife Box - moose, deer, snow
Furstenzug Dresden (Medieval Design of horses and knights-Dresden monument)
Lacemaker, children playing, girl with doll, scrollsawyer, man smoking pipe

BOOK 8: Pyramids

*4 Tier HUGE Pyramid!!!

Sun, Moon, Stars

Children Decorating Tree

*Angels/Boy with Bird/Girl with Candle/Santa


Hunter with rabbits and deer

*Musical Angels

*Orchestra of Angels
MOON: Angel/Telescope
MOON: Angel/Birds
MOON: Angel feeding Birds
BELL: Seiffener Church
Santa Leading Horse-drawn sleigh
Candles in Wreath
*BELL: Deer

6 Star Spinners (*angels/church/nativity)

4 MOON ornaments:
(Girl/Candle, Boy/lantern, Angel/horn, Girl/Doll by Tree)
Neuschwanstein Castle (aka Disney Castle)
Santa Visiting House Decorating Tree
Large Round Miners Plaque with lanterns on bridge
Church in Comet
Nativity in Comet
Large Star with Angels Decorating the Tree
*STAR with girl worshipping shrine of Mary
Candle Box with 4 inserts (man smoking pipe, Girl pushing baby carriage, Children playing, Woman in rocking chair)

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