23 October, 2010

Christmas is just around the corner!

I LOVE this time of year! Lately I have found myself humming Christmas songs and anxiously anticipating our first snow. I know, call me weird. Today we went on a drive up the canyon - it was incredible to see the leaves changing still with snow on the ground! I thought in that moment, "I've got to get started on making some awesome Volker Christmas ornaments!"

Here is my ALL TIME favorite Volker ornament

Book 3 on CD-Rom

Why do I like this one so much? Have you ever seen a 3D ornament that fits together (snowflakes, bells) and then you hang it up on the tree and the bottom of the ornament starts slipping off. Only then do you realize that you shouldn't have sanded so much or you should have cut that groove a little tighter?

Obviously I have had a few of these issues, so you can imagine my EXCITEMENT when I came across this new idea that Volker had of a 3D slotted ornament that won't fall apart! I was praising his genius for months. I can make these ornaments fairly quickly and turn around and sell them for quite a profit. This pattern is found in Book 3 for $20 + S&H.

Order today so you can get started before you are wondering where the Holiday season went!
Happy Scrolling!