01 July, 2010

Volker's 2007 Patterns - $39

Volker 2007 Collection

*Hanging Pyramid
3 and 4 level pyramids
Stern Candle holder
3 Pedestals/Bases for Lichterbogens

Deer with antlers next to manger Lichterbogen
Several Lichterbogens (skiers, candles, *ski jumping, pyramid, lace maker, carver, with candles)
Small lichterbogen: pyramid, lace making, carver, candles
*Lichterbogen, 2 mountain goats, candles
*Small Nativity Pyramid

Angel ornaments: harp, triangle, whistle & praying
Small pyramid ornament – 4 sides with 6 different scenes
Church Bell Tharandt Church
Farm house with figures
3D Nativity and stable
Lighted Christmas tree with caroler, four branches

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I'm Hilman. I'm Indonesian. I have been scroll sawing since two years ago. I like it because the unique figure results. I try teaching my students to SS in their art classes. lot of fun... the simple ones of course. I like your works. they are very awesome. We will keep scrolling.. best regard..