30 May, 2011

Volker's 2011 CD priced at just $45

Volker 2011 - Books 15,16,17

Here are a few select photos of some of my favorite projects included on the CD

*Base included as a bonus pattern

Volker CD 2011 - Books 15, 16, and 17

Volker 2011 - Books 15,16,17
Purchase the entire 2011 collection for $45

Patterns include:

Book 15
*Evergreen Lichterbogen (lighted arch) with a Christmas Scene
*Evergreen Lichterbogen with skiers and sleds with a house on a hill
12 NEW Moon patterns (Cats, Angels, Couples, Wildlife, etc)
*Deer in Evergreen Arch
*Christmas Home with Miners in a large Circle pattern
Girl and Deer in Forest (3D Rocking Ornament)
Home and Sledding ornaments (Layered ornament)
Mining Pyramid

Book 16
*Noah's Ark
Animal Peg Puzzle

Book 17
*6 Tier NATIVITY Pyramid!
*Hanging Wildlife Pyramid
Snowmen sledding lightbox
Girl/Boy sledding lightbox
Angels sledding/skiing (Rocking Ornament)
*Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs lichterbogen
Miner pushing Cart lichterbogen
*Orchestra of Angels - 6 separate angels / candle bases
includes: conductor, drum, piano, guitar, flute, violin
Nativity Peg Puzzle

Noah's Ark and more!

Volker has 3 books on this newest CD. There are some incredible patterns on this CD. He has included a spectacular 6 tier Nativity Pyramid, A Noah's Ark complete with several cute animal pairs, some Christmas and Winter Lighted Arches (lichterbogens) and much, much more! For more details, click on the Patterns on CD tab. The new CD is $44.

20 May, 2011

Preview of Volker's newest CD

This is one CD you won't want to miss! I should be receiving the new patterns shortly, but wanted to give you all a heads up about this one. Volker has put together an incredible pattern of Noah's Ark. If you have been hesitant about purchasing his patterns because you were concerned about where to get the lights, pyramid hardware, etc. then consider either the 100+ CD or this newest one. Here is the picture... Pricing for the new CD will be available once Volker officially releases the CD.