03 September, 2012

Volker's 2012 CD!

Volker's newest CD has 25 patterns that are sure to dazzle your friends. If you are a little intimidated by the huge pyramids and lichterbogens and just want a few simple projects with the Volker touch, then Volker's 2012 CD is just what you need. He has one large project (A Christmas forest village with 3 3D houses, and a backdrop with a church and village), 3 different Napkin Holder patterns, 6 Intricate Star Patterns, a large Star with a display accent shelf that would fit a miniature lichterbogen (6 designs included), a Lantern Box, and 6 different angels playing instruments that can be used with a candle base. All of this for $1 per pattern! $25 for the CD (+$5 shipping charges). Get yours today and whip out a few of these projects for Christmas.

Volker 2012 - Book 18