30 May, 2011

Volker's 2011 CD priced at just $45

Volker 2011 - Books 15,16,17

Here are a few select photos of some of my favorite projects included on the CD

*Base included as a bonus pattern

Volker CD 2011 - Books 15, 16, and 17

Volker 2011 - Books 15,16,17
Purchase the entire 2011 collection for $45

Patterns include:

Book 15
*Evergreen Lichterbogen (lighted arch) with a Christmas Scene
*Evergreen Lichterbogen with skiers and sleds with a house on a hill
12 NEW Moon patterns (Cats, Angels, Couples, Wildlife, etc)
*Deer in Evergreen Arch
*Christmas Home with Miners in a large Circle pattern
Girl and Deer in Forest (3D Rocking Ornament)
Home and Sledding ornaments (Layered ornament)
Mining Pyramid

Book 16
*Noah's Ark
Animal Peg Puzzle

Book 17
*6 Tier NATIVITY Pyramid!
*Hanging Wildlife Pyramid
Snowmen sledding lightbox
Girl/Boy sledding lightbox
Angels sledding/skiing (Rocking Ornament)
*Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs lichterbogen
Miner pushing Cart lichterbogen
*Orchestra of Angels - 6 separate angels / candle bases
includes: conductor, drum, piano, guitar, flute, violin
Nativity Peg Puzzle

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